Friday, January 8, 2010

The Community Bicycle Center's Rights and Obligations, and the 5 Absolute "no's"

As a volunteer and member of the CBC community, you serve an important role to help support safe and supportive programming. Six rights and obligations should always be kept in mind --
  1. Right to be Respected
  2. Right to be Safe
  3. Right to Learn
  4. Obligation to be Caring
  5. Obligation to be Honest
  6. Obligation to be Responsible
When working in the shop or going for a ride, it is important to focus on the behaviors we want to live by rather than the behaviors we do not want to see, hear, or experience. Try to always recognize and praise positive behavior, and treat each participant as the person they are capable of being.

That said, there are five 100% "no's" that receive zero tolerance at the CBC.
  1. Smoking
  2. Drugs, alcohol
  3. Hitting, violence, abusive anger, threats
  4. Knives, weapons
  5. Stealing
Any occurrence of these behaviors must be reported to a CBC staff member, who will deal with the issue according to our behavior management plan. Although volunteers can verbally discourage destructive behaviors, only staff members may have a participant take time away or tell a participant to leave. More about our Progressive Behavior Management Plan in a later post...

Keep warm out there, this weekend is going to be a cold one!

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