Monday, November 7, 2011

Relationship Building

As you all know, the CBC puts a lot of time into relationship building and getting to know the kids that walk through our doors. Remember when you are volunteering that it isn't necessarily just about the bike that you are building, but the relationship. Here are a few ways that might help you when your working with one of our participants:

1. Ask how their day was
2. What are some of the things they are proud about
3. What do they like to do outside of the CBC
4. What are some of the things they are good at
5. What do they like to do with their friends
6. What are some of their "favorites"

There are certainly hundreds of more questions that would fit, but the meaning behind them is almost always the same-- building a relationship that is meaningful to both the participant and volunteer.

Caring adults are an important part of a young persons life! We all have someone that we look to when we are proud of something, need advice, or need some encouragement. As a CBC volunteer you are one of those people that our participants look to and you should all be proud of that.