Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Riding Links

Here are some links to get you ready for the Spring riding season:

Information about tandems -- terminology, riding tips (from Sheldon Brown)
-The CBC has 5 tandems for use on rides

How to treat road rash (from,6610,s-4-22-19638-1,00.html
-Treating road rash with Preparation H wipes? Genius!

Safety, crash prevention, and code of conduct form (from the ALA-ME's Trek Across Maine, and we also use it)
-The CBC uses this sheet as part of the Bike to School program's permission form

What are some other links with good information about bike riding and safety?

Spring Bike Riding!

With the temperature rising and longer days, spring is definitely on the horizon -- at the Community Bicycle Center, that means ride season!

We'd love to have your help as a chaperone on our rides -- the Bike to School program (which provides a safe way to bike to and from Biddeford Intermediate and Middle Schools) will operate on Wednesdays this spring beginning April 7.

Our Girls Group on a ride last Fall!

On Fridays this spring, 3-5pm, our Girls Group will go on road rides to fun places in the area, and a group will also go on mountain bike rides in Clifford Park.

If you are interested in helping as a volunteer on rides this spring (and please do, it's a lot of fun!), stop by the shop or contact Dillon for more information (207-282-9700,

Friday, March 5, 2010

How to fix a flat

At this week's Bike Monkeys class we talked about one of the most important skills for a bike mechanic to know -- how to fix a flat tire. A flat tire is a relatively common problem that can be a real bummer out on the road or trail, but with some simple know-how you'll be back on the road in no time. Park Tool has a great step-by-step guide that shows the best technique -- check it out here:

Bummer! Hope you know how to fix that...

Some tips to keep in mind to help prevent flat tires:
-Check and maintain your tire pressure
-Make sure the valve stem is always straight -- if it's angled, you're risking a hole that can't be patched
-Always use a rim strip between the tube and the rim
-Be on the lookout for obstructions (a big bump can sometimes be enough to cause a flat!)

What other tips can help prevent flat tires?