Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gearing up for Cycling Season

It’s that time of year again to detach your bike from the indoor trainer or pull it down from the hook hanging in the garage. Before you head out on the first ride of the season be sure to check out these past blog posts to make sure everything is still in check!

Also, be sure to bring your bike by the shop to make any minor adjustments to ensure your bike is good to go.  

If you don’t have time to visit the different blog posts here are a few tips for the early season riders:
1. It’s still cold out!  Remember to layer up and always give yourself the option to delayer or add layers.  There’s nothing worse than cold hands or feet during your ride!
2.  Hydrate!!!  Be sure to drink plenty of water even during the chilly spring morning rides.
3.  Drivers are still in "winter mode."  They (myself included) are still adjusting to cyclists back on the road.  Be sure to dress visible and ride predictably. 
4.  Roads are still a mess.  Keep your eyes out for soft sand, cracked pavement, and patches of ice. 
5. Update your ICE (In Case of Emergency) information in your phone, Road ID, or seat bag.  Information should include any medications you’re on, your identification info, and who to call if your injured/crashed.

Please add your thoughts and ideas!  I know I missed a ton of stuff but it’s a start and hopefully got everyone thinking about riding safely...