Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer Rides Lesson Session

Lesson #1: Riding in the Rain
Thankfully the CBC has been lucky enough in avoiding rain this riding season, but there was one occasion where we were luck was not on our side. Things to remember when riding in the rain:
1. Its still important to stay hydrated!!!
2. The white lines designating the bike lanes can be extremely slippery when wet.
3. Visibility can be reduced- a pair of bright sunglasses or even clear sunglasses will assist in keeping dirt and rain out of your eyes.
4. Braking time is increased so be sure to leave a little extra distance between you and the person in front of you.
5. Your bike (unless made of wood) is a conductor of electricity!!! If you see lightning pull off and find shelter. Always have a plan if there is a chance for rain.

Lesson #2: Shoelaces Tucked
Certainly a tough one to learn if you learn the hard way. Always be sure to tuck your shoe laces in! Do not just tuck them to the side as they will easily fall out and raise the risk of being thrown into the chainring. For a little extra precaution, tape your laces with a little athletic tape/duct tape/electrical tape. If unfortunately this does happen, stop pedaling and pull over to the side of the road to untangle your laces.

Lesson #3: Soft Sand=Slingshot
Keep your eye out for soft sand as this stuff acts as a catapult. Never try to turn out of or into a section of soft sand when riding as your wheels will come to a screeching halt and launch you into next week!

The most important thing to remember, and we cannot stress this enough, is when you are riding always take care of yourself first! If your are taking care of yourself, you are doing that much better at taking care of the group.

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