Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Balancing Act

Bear with me as this blog post will come full circle, or at least I hope for that to be the case, by the end.

As many of us know from experience actually showing up is half the battle. Whether it be showing up to work, the gym, the dreaded trainer collecting dust in the cellar during the summer months, cleaning up the kitchen, or picking up the leaves during the fall. Whatever it be, sometimes just getting up and out the door is the part we dread the most. We have all been there and have come up with excuses: "I can get it done tomorrow", "I'm not feeling well", "It's to cold", or "I'm just too tired today". Again, whatever it be, we/I have said it.

Now, is it okay? Of course, sometimes we just need a break from everything. We need to take time to relax. However, when making excuses becomes part of your daily routine its time to analyze a bit. Why are you making excuses? Do you really have zero time to get to the things you want/need to do? It is all about the balance (this is the part where I'll start bringing everything together).

Finding a balance in your daily routine is essential. Finding time to work, play, and relax is tough to do, but once you find a balance things seem to fall into place. All of a sudden, you are sleeping better and just plain feeling better about things. I got to thinking about "the balancing act" recently after feeling a bit worn down after a few long weeks. Nothing was wrong or bothering me, I was just tired. Finally, on Sunday, after a day full of football, cheese-it's, and rest, I feel "back to normal".

So, some of you may be thinking that this sounds more like Caleb's theory on front hubs (follow this link to see what I'm talking about:, but as volunteers, finding a balance between everything going on in your life on top of volunteering at the CBC, can be challenging. Be sure to take some time and enjoy.

Until next time....