Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The CBC's Physical Boundaries

At this week's staff meeting, while discussing the results of our recent evaluation (based on the HighScope model for Youth Quality Program Assessment) we came upon some interesting questions: What are our physical boundaries? Does the CBC include the grassy area outside our doors? Should we let kids play outside unsupervised during our open shop time?

On the one hand, children need safe places to play, the grass outside the shop is almost certainly safer than other places in town. Even if a staffperson isn't standing there at all times, there is always a responsible adult nearby. On the other hand, parents expect the CBC staff to keep their children safe, and in the case of accident or injury not having an adult with them could be seen as irresponsible.

At the end of the discussion, we arrived at a compromise that the staff is comfortable with. But we're curious -- as a volunteer, what are your thoughts on the issue?

1 comment:

  1. I think whatever policy you adopt, make it clear to the parents, children and volunteers. As long as its reasonable and easily understood, it will be accepted.

    Let parents know that active supervision does not extend to the grassy area, but we will respond to an injury or altercation as best we can.