Tuesday, November 17, 2009

"There's nothing for me to do!"

Recently we've noticed that lots of kids are coming in, looking to spend time in the shop and not particularly interested in fixing up a bike for themselves. Here's a brainstormed list of things that anyone can do:
  1. Make a bike stool
  2. Organize parts bins
  3. Clean parts in parts bins
  4. Make/write thank you notes for volunteers or participants
  5. Disassemble a bike for parts
  6. Help with someone else's project
  7. Fix a bike to donate to the shop
  8. Fix a bike for the shop to sell
  9. Take pictures of people/projects in the shop
  10. Make some bike art
  11. Design a new logo for the shop/a special event
  12. Make a poster to promote biking/the shop
  13. Find catalog codes for items on the needs list
  14. Organize the bike rooms/fold bikes
  15. Make homemade bike tools
  16. Design a t-shirt for a special event
  17. Decorate a helmet
  18. Interview volunteers/participants for feedback
And that's just a few of them!

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