Monday, July 9, 2012

Starting in 1...2...3!

Recently, the CBC has seen an influx of younger riders walk through the doors and we are noticing that although many of them own a bicycle and understand some of the mechanics, they simply do not know how to mount and start their bicycle.  Here are some basic steps in teaching kids (or even some experienced cyclists)how to mount and start pedaling their bicycle. 

1. Stand astride the frame, both feet on the ground. Most people get to this position by swinging a leg over the saddle, but if you have low handlebars, you can do it over the bars as well. If you have a "lady's" bike or other bike with a low frame, you may be able to lift your foot over the frame. It sometimes helps to lean the bike to the side before straddling it.

2. Rotate the pedals so that the pedal for your less skillful foot is 45 degrees forward of straight up (roughly 10:00).

3. Put your foot on the high pedal, then press down hard. This will simultaneously:
  • Let you use the pedal as a step to lift yourself high enough to get onto the saddle...and:
  • Apply driving force to the chain, causing the bike to pick up speed
(adopted from Sheldon Brown)

A common misconception:
1. You should be able to touch the ground with both feet while sitting in the saddle-- incorrect.  If your saddle is adjusted properly adjusted you will not be able to touch the ground with both feet.  Check out this link to properly adjust your saddle Seat Adjustment.

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