Monday, July 9, 2012

Perkins Post

Matt Perkins’:
10 Reasons to Shave Your Legs
1)   Easier to wash/clean 
2)   Easier to see ticks (great for mountain bikers in Maine) 
3)   More aerodynamic on the bike (ehh! not sure about that???) 
4)   More defined muscles (definitely!!! No pun intended) 
5)   Cleaner looking legs (all depends on the person…) 
6)   Smoother feel (insert simile here) 
7)   Easier to get massages (good point! No hair pulling!) 
8)   Comfort (okay???) 
9)   To clean out road rash easier (maybe at the top of the list) 
10)  It’s tradition (certainly is!)
Have fun with this! Happy biking!

Any other reasons?  Al?

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