Friday, September 24, 2010

Seat Posts

I saw this question and answer on what is the right seat post to install on a frame and thought it made sense. From

"How does one determine the proper size seat post for a frame that comes without one. I've measured the inside of the seat tube with no tension on the binder. I understand that the post has to be smaller in diameter than that measurement but how much smaller?

They should be very close. Go with the next size down from what you measure. i.e. if the post measures as 27.32, go with a 27.2. Keep in mind that the very top of the seat tube often gets crimped in a bit, and will actually measure smaller than if you could measure the tube an inch lower, so it can be a bit tricky.
"Beer can works great for a shim."

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  1. Thanks Peter! Good information to have! I know a lot of the kids just try to jam seat posts in which can cause a lot of problems when it comes time to adjust the height. Also a little grease around the bottom of the seat post can help reduce the risk of the seat post rusting into place and makes it a lot easier when changing the height as well.