Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bike Repair Common Misses (Part One of Two)

We see a lot of bikes come through the CBC, and after a while you start to recognize some common problems. Here's the first part of a list that we have compiled of these common issues that can make a bicycle unsafe to ride:

Sadly, this bike might be beyond hope.

Frame and Fork
  1. Bent derailleur hanger drop-out
  2. Collision damage (see above), bent frames
  3. Excessive surface/interior rust
Bottom Bracket, Cranks, and Pedals
  1. Bearing play
  2. Loose of missing lockrings
  3. Crankarms not securely fastened
  4. Bent chainrings
  5. Pedals not securely fastened
Front/Rear Hub
  1. Locknut missing
  2. Locknut not tightened against cone
  3. Hub not centered with axle
  4. Bearing play
Freewheel or Cassette
  1. Worn (sharp) teeth
  2. Dryness, corrosion
  1. Lockring not securely fastened
  2. Bearing play
Front/Rear Rim and Tire
  1. Valve stem not straight
  2. Tire underinflated
  3. Tire bean not seated in rim
  4. Wheel not centered
  5. Quick release levers closed backwards
  6. Safety catch washers missing
  7. No valve cap
  8. Bald (from skidding)/cracked or dry-rotted tires
Next Post....
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Derailleur and Cable
Rear Derailleur and Cable
Handlebars, Stem, Grips, and Levers
Seat and Seat Post

What other common problems have you noticed on bicycles you are fixing?

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  1. Two other multi-piece bottom bracket system errors are: trying to force the right side cup into the left adjustable cup side and visa versa (if you cross the threads you may ruin the frame unless you have the $400 thread chasing tool); forgetting that that the right fixed cup is left hand threaded; and putting the axle in backwards (the writing imprint on the axle can be read right side up if you were able to look through the bottom bracket shell or the drivetrain side of the axle is longer from the cone to the end of the axle).