Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tips while working in the shop

Each year, the CBC hosts the "Bike Monkeys" program, an intensive bike mechanics training class for 6 young people. At last night's session, we continued our conversations about rotational systems, finishing up bottom brackets and moving on to the front hub. We had a lot of fun, and a few tips and concepts were brought up that you might find helpful.

The first has to do with keeping your workspace organized: Fixing bikes requires a lot of disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling -- in a hectic shop, it can be a headache when parts get lost. Try keeping all your parts on a rag -- it'll keep those bearings from rolling around, and it's helpful for remembering how a part goes back together.

No parts lost here!

Secondly, never recycle a part before you find a replacement, even if it's not working properly -- often a worn-out part is better than no part at all.

This cup and spindle are really worn out, but do we have the parts to replace them?

Thirdly, use the appropriate tool, in the appropriate way. There are lots of tools in the shop, and lots of If you have a question, just ask! We staff are here to help you.

Fourthly, and lastly (for now) , think about where the tool is going to go if it slips. Injuries may occur if a tool accidentally strikes you or another person.

What other tips have helped you work more efficiently and safety in the shop?

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